Impex Foam

Sleep is important for energy and for reducing stress. Impex Mattress is the best choice for an economically budgeted mattress with good comfort quality. We made medium-quality mattresses for all ages.

Impex Foam

Introducing Impex Foam, the best budgeted mattress in Pakistan that doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort. Designed to provide you with a restful sleep experience without breaking the bank, the Impex Foam mattress is the perfect choice for those seeking affordability without sacrificing a good night’s sleep.

Available Sizes:

King size:
Size: 80×72
Thickness: Available in 5, 6 and 8 inches
Queen size:
Size: 78×66
Thickness: Available in 5, 6 and 8 inches
Size: 78×42
Thickness: Available in 5 and 6 inches

Budgeted Comfort:

Experience a comfortable sleep without exceeding your budget with the Impex Foam mattress. Engineered to provide the right balance of support and cushioning, this mattress ensures a relaxing sleep experience night after night. Its carefully selected foam layers offer optimal comfort and pressure relief, promoting a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Durability and Affordability:

Five Star Foam is committed to providing durable mattresses at affordable prices. Crafted with high-quality materials, this budgeted mattress offers long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy its comfort and support for years to come. You can rest assured knowing that your investment in the Impex Foam mattress is a smart choice for both your comfort and your wallet.

Budgeted Mattress in Pakistan:

As the leading provider of budgeted mattresses in Pakistan, Impex Foam is dedicated to offering superior value for your money. We understand the importance of finding a mattress that fits your budget without compromising on quality. With the Impex Foam mattress, you can enjoy a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep experience without overspending.

How to Order:

Ordering your Impex Foam mattress is simple and convenient. Visit our website to explore our range of budget-friendly mattresses, including the Impex Foam. Add your preferred size to your cart, proceed to secure checkout, and follow the easy instructions to complete your purchase. Enjoy the convenience of having your mattress delivered straight to your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free buying experience.


King 78×72, Queen 78×66, Single 78×42


5 Inches, 6 Inches, 8 Inches


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