About Us - Five Star Foam

About Us

Pakistan’s Most Trusted Brand

Why We Are Pakistan's Favourite?

Since 1980, we Five Star® Foam is soubriquetly work for each day for providing carefully engineered products for the highest levels of comfort and quality to create a sleep environment that is suitable for all. It brings the customer satisfaction that people deserve over decades.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to become a clear benchmark in foam products, sleeping products and services. That is why Five Star Foam is an all-time best selling  product everyone and chosen by Millions of Pakistanis since its beginning.

Five Star has gradually made its name in the market and is now considered one of the most reliable brand that is instantly associated with comfort, luxury and tranquility. At Five Star, we strongly believe in ‘Tomorrow Starts Tonight’.

We provide the sleep of comfort through its range of mattresses, foams, pillows, back-support and more.

Products Quality

Comprehensive quality control and affordable prices

Fast Shipping

Overnight and convenient door to door delivery

Cash on Delivery

Pay your bill in cash upon

Dedicated Support

We’re here & happy to help!

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